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Are you interested in teaching for Tam District Community Education?

We're looking for motivated professionals--teachers, writers, consultants or experts--who have a passion for sharing their knowledge with others. If you would like to teach our adult students, we invite you to apply to become a course developer and/or instructor for Community Education. To submit a proposal, click on  "submit course proposal" below. Please review the Guidelines for Designing a Class below to enhance your chance of having your class accepted.

We may decide to run your class sometime during the next year, when we feel it will have the greatest appeal to our students. If we plan to run your class in the upcoming quarter, you will be contacted and asked to fill out an Intent to Teach as well as the appropriate employment paperwork. We receive a large volumne of proposals, so please be patient. You will be contacted if we feel your proposal is a good fit.  




Guidelines for Designing Classes

Our classes are designed to appeal to the diverse interests and needs of the seven segments of lifelong learners that our program addresses:

  • Senior adults
  • Baby boomers (1946-1964)
  • Gen X-ers
  • Gen Y-ers
  • Bilingual and ESL learners
  • Middle to High school students
  • K-6 kids

While there is no predictable formula for success, there are some general guidelines that enhance your odds of offering a successful class. The majority of our student population falls into either the Baby Boomer of Gen X segment. Parenting classes and classes directed toward high school students rarely succeed during the school year.

Description and title - Try to describe your class in a way that is appealing to your target segment, and clearly describe what your potential students will take away from your course. Titles should be simple, positive and catchy. Never begin your course description with, "This class."

Hours and days  - As our largest segment is composed of working adults, most of our classes begin after 6:00 p.m. Exceptions are made for after school classes; however, many facilities at our high school sites are not available until after 4:15  p.m. Most classes are held Monday through Thursday, with exceptions made for Saturday workshops.

Duration  - The content of your class will determine how long it will run each meeting, and for how many sessions. Unless the class is physically active, like ceramics, woodworking or art, we generally recommend that it not meet for more than two hours an evening. Classes may be as brief as one evening, or run for the entire eight-week quarter. Bear in mind that an eight-week commitment is difficult for most adults, and attendance can fade around the sixth week. We are very selective about what courses we are willing to schedule for eight weeks, because the number of students needed to make the class viable is high. 

Cost  - We work to keep the cost low, competitive and consistent. As a fee-based non-profit program, our fees must cover  the instructor’s salary, district overhead expenses and the production and distribution of 70,000 quarterly catalogues to Marin residents. We DO NOT receive any funding from the District or state and local governments.

Location  - In addition to our high schools, we offer courses at several offsite location.  If you have a space or place of business you feel will fit into our program, such as an art studio or gym, please call 415 945-3730, or email to

Planning  - We work months in advance and schedule more than 300 classes per quarter. Our deadlines are a full quarter in advance of scheduled publication, i.e., our spring quarter is completed at the beginning of the winter session. We appreciate your submission; however, a submission does NOT guarantee a spot in our lineup.

Thanks for your interest. We look forward to working with you to offer a successful class!